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Education and Training

Our Areas of Expertise

We cover the following fields and are always open for new markets and opportunities.

Due to the rapid development in the technology sector it is highly important to be up to date in order to be able to compete on the open market.

Engineering is one of the basic requirements to improve and maintain the infrastructure within a country, which is also the basis for further expansion.

Every country has its own beauty. With a working tourism industry, the economic situation of a country can be improved. To be competitive skilled labor is required.

»Time is Money«. The markets are growing, and the demand for faster service, high-quality products and low cost forces industry to optimize its processes. This can be achieved through improved management.

Jobs in the air transport are wide ranging, from technical and engineering working areas to customer service and require a variety of different skills. Many jobs demand highly qualified workers and a significant amount of training.

KIP has become familiar with various global education systems. Through our experience, we have developed expertise in the field of education and training programs.

We offer:

  • customized vocational and academic programs tailored to your requirements.
  • Assistance in establishing outcome goals, whether it is improving your educational system internally, or increasing the number of graduates.
  • To achieve long and short-term goals, we define required training objectives, training equipment and the required space.

Austria has become a top European country with economic strength based on a high employment rate among young people.
This is largely due to a strong educational system, in which over 80% of the student have received diplomas or degrees after completing vocational education and/or training.

In order to establish competitive programs, we place great value on a unique component within our projects: Train the Trainer.